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thank u adrian

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In windows 10 there is a built in app called photo ocr that converts scanned images to readable text, but it discards format of original structure.

It is good enough for general purpose of lets say reading post .

Dont forget you can use smart phone to scan your doc as well as a scanner.

Abbey fine reader is very good but it can get results wrong depending on the complex nature of the document. You have to sometimes manually tell it what certain parts of a document are such as table or graphics and also it tells you of errors that it couldnt determine what the text is and you have to type the correct entry yourself.

There is another option called KNFB reader which is quite expensive at about 95 pounds which gives a license for two devices eg. smart phone and windows 10 pc.

It only works on windows 10 so I think its using pc ocr function.  There is a limited trial of a certain number of scans so you can see if its worth it.

It works very well with my android phone and tells you if you are lining up your phones camera to capture the document properly so you dont miss out parts of the document and to ensure a clear scan.

I hope I have given you a bit of knowledge that will help you.

If you find anything useful please let me know.

My email is ampbeast@...

Best Regards Adrian Pocock.


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