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Janet Brandly

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for this info. I'll try it using some of the commands i need to perform hopefully without tying my fingers in knots, LOL.

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Hi Janet,
I also use a laptop that has an abbreviated keyboard, although it is not the same type that you have.
On mine, pressing function along with the arrow keys produces the functions you mentioned.
Function with up arrow performs page up.
Function with down arrow produces page down.
Function with left arrow produces home.
Function with right arrow produces end.
You might try these to see if they behave the same way on your machine?

Good luck,

On Thu, 4/5/18, Janet Brandly <> wrote:

Subject: Re: [nvda] Performing NVDA Commands From Laptop
Date: Thursday, April 5, 2018, 4:14 PM

Hello Antony,
Thank you for getting back to me. My laptop is
an Asus-not sure if I'm
spelling that
correctly-not sure of the model number but it's about 4
old. It has a function key on the
bottom row on the left between the control
and windows keys. On the lower right, beside
the control key, are the arrow
keys which
are arranged in an up-side-down T. Any asistance you can
would be much appreciated.

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From Laptop

I believe all
laptops have these key functions, even if they do not
dedicated keys for them.

Most laptops have some sort of
"function" key which acts as a modifier (in
same way as shift, control,
or alt) to change the meaning of the key it is
pressed in combination with, and some of the
keys on your keyboard, when
with this function modifier, will almost
certainly act as home, end, etc.

Tell us precisely which make and model of
laptop you have, and we may be
to suggest where the function key and the
modified keys for these meanings



On Thursday 05 April 2018 at
23:22:48, Janet Brandly wrote:

How do I
perform those NVDA commands which require the “home”,
“page-up” or
“page-down” keys from a laptop without these keys on
keybord? Thanks,

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