Which free office package is more accessible libre office or open office with nvda?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi guys

I have just been asked this question as mentioned in the subject line. I
do not use these packages at all They also want to know if the package
is uninstalled will it cause any problems like she got when she
uninstalled a copy of microsoft office  or was it another word
processing program.

not sure which program  it was.

it would say unknown in the running applications area, the context menu
and a few other places.

she does not want it to happen again if she decides to try either of
them out.

By the way have they fixed the problem where when you went to do say all
to read the document it would stop after each paragraph.

I know they are not as polished as office with browse mode etc but are
they still very usable.

I think she just wants it for the basics? by the way will it report
formatting so you maybe know the size of the text etc

any help would be great.

Gene nz

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