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Yes its a nightmare, for example if you want to output as a radio station would, but not have the screenreader suddenly use the music output device. Add to that I have some programs that stipulate they should not use the sound mapper as it won't work correctly.

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The only way to switch this depending on what you want.

1. if its only music you want you may be able to adjust your player of choice to use another speaker like your bluetooth or usb soundbar just like any other device.

But if its not advanced or like winamp its a bit of hit and miss to get to some options without some vertual curser like jaws or dolphin supernova, the easiest way through is the following.

1. set windows to the sound bar.

2. switch nvda or jaws back to your other card.

A note of warning, I have found this out when users have used their sound cards and or speech recognition headsets as windows devices.

that is that your screen reader will stay on that device unless its the default and even if you use your default card and not the sound mapper you disconnect the card and you may or may not loose speech.

The only way short of getting sighted help is to plug in the device whatever it is since windows will only recognise that device not another, and then set the cards back.

Often I use my andriea card or my sb play 1 soundcard on win7 for music and some older games but sometimes I forget myself.

On 7/04/2018 12:24 p.m., Guy Schlosser wrote:
Hi all, just a question. Is there a way to make NVDA speech go through different speakers? I have a sound bar, and if possible, I would like my music to play through that, and NVDA or jaws sounds, depending on which screen reader I’m using, to play through my laptop speaker. Thanks in advance for any ideas.



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