Re: nvda 2018.1 and soulseek ns?


where can I get the older version of soul seek?

On 4/7/2018 11:34 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Nice to see some Soulseek users here. I haven't really touched it much with nVDA yet, but I have used it a fair bit with JAWS 18.
He issue described seems to be related to the mouse pointer not moving with the system caret or whatever when browsing files. It indeed does not happen in a search. Also, you can select files pretty easily, but when moving through a tree view of folders, it's harder to do. If you don't mind selecting files instead of entire folders, you can just use the applications key and download, I think, and the file your cursor is placed on will be selected.

No luck with Soulseek QT at all I suppose? I certainly couldn't get much useful out of it.

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Hi Ron,
This issue only occurs when browsing a users files. so say for instance:
there is a folder 1995, with nested folders below it, and the third one is called Folder C, I can move the navigator object to it, but as soon as i right click, it selects 1995 instead.

On 07/04/2018 08:04, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Orhan,

I am not having this issue s such. From Windows 7 on up, I always had
to make sure that when in a list using Soulseek, I had to be sure to
be in object navigation mode and then to use the right mouse button
click when in a list of transfers and in a list of search results, I
use the context menu key. Just why this is, I do not know but it
works this way for years.

On 4/6/2018 5:02 PM, Orhan Deniz via Groups.Io wrote:
On windows 10, using soulseek ns 157, when moving the focus to the
current navigator object, in a users list of folders, slsk focuses on
the wrong folder. i have no other issues with ns and really don't
want to upgrade to qt. Anyone else experienced this and is it an nvda
or windows 10 issue? works fine on win 7.

Best, O.

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