Firefox ad blocker and nvda and filehippo

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Right the folk at File hippo have stopped me using the update checker unless i turn off the ad blocker by making the data appear like an advert so you don't see it if its switched on. So at the moment I need to.
1 invoke the update check
2 when the page has loaded, go to add ons and turn off ublock.
3 come back to the results page and refresh it

Then do this in reverse to be able to browse without claptrap annoying me.

I notice there is a white list function in the ublock add on, but using nvda, I cannot seem to get it to work on the file hippo page I need to turn it off for. Am I missing something?

You do options, dashboard settings and get a list and at the bottom add either the address or part of it from the page you want, then hit the button to add it. The button is above the field but that is just their design.
so what am I missing? Is nvda not letting me see some vital bit?
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