Issue with drafts in Thunderbird.

John Isige

Hey all. Ran into something to day for the first time, I don't generally save drafts. I haven't tested to see if this happens with shorter drafts, but I wrote a somewhat longish email, it was an assignment so it had thirty fairly short lines followed by some paragraphs. When I started writing the longer stuff today for the last few questions, using the up and down arrows to read lines or say all wouldn't read some of it toward the end. Up and down arrows would produce blank lines, and say all would get to a point and read stuff like "it has three n", where there were a few more sentences after the 'n' it ended with. In case it matters, the draft was formatted like so:


more stuff

yet more stuff

1. A thingy.

2. another thingy.

30. Last short thingy.

31. A few sentences.

32. A few more sentences.

35. Last sentences.

Maybe the blank lines separating 30 and 31 onward confused it, I did up to 30 the other day and worked on 31-35 today. Anybody know of I way to fix this? It would really be useful to read drafts like any other email I'm composing so I can edit them properly. I guess I could just write things up outside of Thunderbird and not use drafts, but the functionality is there, so it seems a shame not to use it. I should add that moving by words, for instance, read things properly, so did backspacing. This is with latest everything, NVDA 2018.1.1, Windows 10 1709, Thunderbird 52.7.0 32-bit, do they make 64-bit Thunderbird? I wouldn't think that would matter but I am running 64-bit Windows, just in case it does.

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