Re: windowsupdate spring 2018


So did 99.9% of the net.

No delay was schedualed it just didn't happen.

On 11/04/2018 9:10 a.m., bob jutzi wrote:
Now I'm confused.  The desktop I have Insider Preview 1803 on updated from 17127 to 17133; however, my primary machine only updated to a newer 1709 build.

Since my Insider Preview machine is the one I use for trying out new major updates, I really did think today was roll-out day.
On 4/10/2018 4:24 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well today I woke up expecting a big update.

But except for adobe flash all updates including ms office seem to be on hold.

An article suggests though that windows 1803 update has come and gone without any release.

No one has any idea, current opinions range from windows team restructure to the fact spring update 1803 doesn't exist and there is a new name being sort to a serious bug in the system.

The net seems to be super quiet to.

I just updated the workstation well 2 of them since I have a remote box here for the big update and nothing.

As to reguards to your system it depends what you have.

For the hp remote here, no drivers have been released today.

No system updates, nothing bar the standard run of the mill security protections you'd expect for a patch tuesday.

Then again, who knows.

If nothing happens by 11-12 pm my time I think we can safely take today off the list.

I don't think anything is coming today.

On 11/04/2018 1:43 a.m., Sue J. Ward wrote:
Hello. I heard the demo on about the creators update which should be out this month. I did get the windows 10 machine which I am on as of right now in January so far it is working great. When I do get the update should I do anything extra to prepare my machine for the update and make a back up of my emails and bookmarks just in case? When it is installing will I have any speech during the update so I can hear the progress? What should I use during the update so I can tell what is going on? I did read somewhere it might take a half hour for the update to install and when it is done installing will the computer restart so that I can hear NVDA come on? Just wondering what I should  do since I don't want to be with out a computer. If anyone has any answers as to what I should do and what to expect for the spring creators update please post them cause who knows maybe some one else is wondering the same thing. Thank you.
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