Re: slightly off topic from nvda does anyone know how to use android phones

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

That isn't how it's ment to be. Unfortunately not many people use the q and a forum, but it would be nice.



On April 10, 2018 4:44:11 PM "Mallard" <mallard@...> wrote:


N... Nobody will answer from InclusiveAndroid...

That's only a site where you find podcasts and app reviews.



Il 10/04/2018 17:46, erik burggraaf ha scritto:

Hi,  I don't have an answer, but you can post your question on <> and some
one may be able to help.  Make sure you include your device make and
model as well as android version.



On April 10, 2018 10:52:36 AM "ADRIAN POCOCK" <ampbeast@...> wrote:

I have an issue with android phone os 7 magnification gestures are
enabled but when i invoke magnification it keeps popping up message
to tell me it is going to be used.
you can click box to ignore in future but this doesnt seem to make
much difference.

My email is ampbeast@... <mailto:ampbeast@...> if
anyone has any info on suchh a problem.

Best Regards to all here.
Adrian Pocock

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