having trouble entering registration key for MalwareBytes

Giles Turnbull

I decided I like Malware Bytes enough to pay for the premium version and I have received the email with my registration key. I can find the button that says Activate Licence, but it doesn't seem to want to react to any action on that button — not with Enter, Spacebar or object navigation.

Has anybody else successfully registered the Premium version and, if so, can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

Of interest, in a different registration / setup screen, it says to enter the registration code or, if you received an ID then you need to check the relevant box and enter the ID ... I received a code in my email but there doesn't seem to be any text box in which to type or paste my registration key. Similarly the use of navigation using the e shortcut for an edit box doesn't work, and using object navigation doesn't reveal anywhere to enter the key.

Any ideas gratefully received :)


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