Re: Cannot read PDF documents with NVDA

Bhavya shah

As a personal advice, in case that is a possible alternative, I never
like PDF files much anyways, with both NVDA and JAWS. Thus, I am
converting all my school textbook PDF files into Word, using what is
called the Oxillion Document Converter, which you will readily find
via a quick google search.
Do try and persist to be able to access the material in its original
format itself, that is PDF, if you wish to, but as the last resort,
bear in mind that a Word conversion trick would probably suffice.

On 5/8/16, Carlos <> wrote:

I have Windows 8.1 and NVDA 2016.1.

I was able to open the PDF file with Adobe reader 11, QRead 3.5,
and MS Word 2016/365. And, as an added bonus I converted it to MS Word
file in MS Word. And to plain text in Adobe reader.

So, I guess it is a computer specific issue!

On 5/7/2016 6:58 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


I followed the instructions I posted before that had come
from Freedom Scientific Technical Support, but with Adobe DC, and it
does cause NVDA to read through the document without having to scroll
from page to page. There was no OK button at the last step of the
things you have to do in Reader DC itself beyond the Accessibility
Wizard, you just close the dialog after dealing with the Security
(Advanced) setting related to protected mode. The first time I fired
up Adobe Acrobat DC with NVDA active it gave me a dialog where I also
confirmed that I wanted it to read all pages and infer reading order
from document, and to use the accessibility options I'd set in Reader
DC itself, then checked the box that said not to show that dialog again.

It takes quite a while to pre-process the text you're using
because it's 305 pages long, but it does get there, and NVDA reads the
whole document from wherever you start the reading.


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