Re: question about when making A portable copy of NVDA

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hello, when you check this checkbox all your settings and addons will be built into the portable copy.


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Subject: [nvda] question about when making A portable copy of NVDA

Hi yesterday I made A portable copy of my NVDA.

And what I was wondering is when making A portable copy can you check the box that says used saved configuration or something to that wording.

And then make the portable copy?

Or is it better to not check that box when making your portable copy?

I didn't have that box checked when I made my portable copy.

Also what about different synthesizers that you may have added as an add on?

Will those copy in to your portable version as well or do you have to first make the portable and then add the speech synths in that you want after you have it made?



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