FW: [nvda-spl] Important RFC: separate broadcast profiles dialog?


Hi all,

Because this may impact some of you and to serve as a testbed for other add-ons, I’d like to gather feedback (privately please unless you are part of either the add-ons list or NvDA-SPL list) regarding the below proposal. Only those who have or are thinking about using NVDA, StationPlaylist Studio, and the SPL add-on together should respond.




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Subject: [nvda-spl] Important RFC: separate broadcast profiles dialog?


Hi everyone,


If you have time, please go over the following proposal and comment on it, as it’ll affect experience for everyone using SPL add-on in the future:


Currently NVDA Core users (those on next snapshots) are testing massively redesigned Settings dialog. The new design combines various preferences dialogs into a multi-category property sheet. If things go well, the new design will land as part of NVDA 2018.2.


For several months, I and some broadcasters were thinking about adopting this approach for SPL add-on settings dialog. Currently the dialog consists of:


  • Broadcast profile controls.
  • Buttons to open various dialogs.
  • Certain settings on the dialog.


The new design calls for:


  • Categories on the left.
  • Settings on the right.


Unfortunately, this means there may not be room to include broadcast profiles for various reasons:


  1. The new design is meant to feature settings only.
  2. If you do select another profile and apply settings, settings will be reflected on the chosen profile, not the active one, causing confusion.
  3. There’s really no room to allow broadcast profile controls to stay visible at all times unless it becomes a category, which again introduces possible confusion as one category would control the entire dialog when in fact it should not.


Thus the proposal: should broadcast profiles be split into its own dialog, similar in manner to how NVDA itself does it for configuration profiles?




  1. Simplifies code a lot.
  2. Settings dialog can focus on add-on settings.




  1. Reserving another key combo.
  2. The concept of tying settings to profiles could be lost initially.


Comments from everyone are appreciated, preferably for those thinking about using NVDA and/or SPL add-on, as well as those who do have experience with multi-category NVDA settings design and the older method.





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