Re: Brltty: what is it for?

Antony Stone

Brltty is a generic Braille display driver which is available on many different
operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD at least) and supports a very
large number of Braille displays.

It can be used with applications such as NVDA to provide support for displays
for which NVDA itself has no specific driver.

The results are not always as complete as you might get with a specific driver
between the application and the display (for example, some features of the
display may not be supported), but it's a good way to get basic functionality
for a device which otherwise can't be used at all.



On Friday 13 April 2018 at 14:33:31, Angela Delicata wrote:


Mine is just a curiousity: when coosing a display braille I come across
this brltty and wonder what it is for....

I use Vario ultra as my display, but I want to learn more and so am

Thank you to those who want to clarify on that and sorry for my ignorance.
All the best.
Angela from Italy
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