NVDA and Canute multiline display

Josh Kennedy


It looks like the Canute will be sold sometime around September of this year 2018. So my question is this… Will there be an NVDA addon to let me well lets say I am in an excel or google sheets spreadsheet… Could I press a key combination, and the addon would format and send the spreadsheet for viewing on the Canute? Or if I’m on the desktop, just dump the current screen to the Canute? Or if on a website, and if using a reader addon in chrome or firefox or edge, send the website for viewing on the Canute? Or if I am in a view of a graph or chart in a spreadsheet like excel, send all info about, and regarding the chart, to the Canute for viewing? The canute would be more of a display for reading, not for editing.

The website for the Canute is:









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