Re: Nvda and Vocalizer: how to buy just one Voice

Antony Stone

So, who's the actual original source of these voices, then?

I thought "vocaliser" was the brand name for the voices, and that Codefactory
and Tiflotecnia were simply resellers - ie: passing on the same goods, in the
same way you can buy the same laptop in different shops, maybe for different
prices, maybe with different warranties, but at the end of the day the thing
you get is just the same.


On Saturday 14 April 2018 at 23:59:50, kavein thran wrote:

just an opinion,
you better consider codefactory folks as tifla technia are not
updating their drivers, voices and even their pages showed that last
update was 2013.

Spend money wisely.


On 4/15/18, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:
You also can buy online on our webpage,

In that page you can find other vendors on Italy...


Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 17:47 de 14/04/2018, Angela Delicata escreveu:
Ah, I know the person at least by name. I don't think he will answer me,
but I may try other ways.

I may ask other friends I have here in Italy...

Thank you for replying, any answer is always useful.

All the best.

Angela from Italy

Il 14/04/2018 17:28, Rui Fontes ha scritto:

In Italy you can contact with:
Simone Dal Maso

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 15:27 de 14/04/2018, Angela Delicata escreveu:

I would like to have nvda use Italian voice Federica made by
vocalizer, but I do not know how to buy it and how much it would be...

Please, let me know and eventually write off list to better explain.

Ciao and thanks.
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