Re: any one on here use f123 chrome extention?

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

First, it may help if instead of just saying "weird quirks" if you can tell us what specifically those things are, so we can have a better feel for how to assist.

Second, did I perhaps miss something here? I thought F123 was a really old, and all be it also, very dead last I looked, distro of Linux that was made specifically for the blind. And before anyone gets OT asking me, no, I don't know if the packages included with it would be up to date, nor how far a sudo apt[get update would take you. I don't even know if apt is included. It might use either yum, or pacman. Anyway, that's not for this list though, so I digress. Point is, it's pretty old, but as far as a Chrome extension with that name, I'm curious what this thing does.


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Hello does any one use this chrome add on?
I am noticing some weird quirks and I can't tell if it is chrome or the add on.
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