Re: any one on here use f123 chrome extention?


thank you for that explanation


On 4/14/2018 4:35 PM, Gene wrote:
Whatever else may have used that or a similar name, F123 is an add on for both Firefox and Chrome.  I haven't used it.  I suspect that oddities encountered are the result of the add on but, without testing, that's just my suspicion.  I don't like the Chrome interface but in terms of working with web pages, I've found browse mode to work just about the same as in firefox and Internet Explorer.  Occasionally, there will be a difference, such as one screen-reader reading different text on a control because it's looking at different text in the control, but in general, I find that browse mode is browse mode. 
You can turn the add on offf in Chrome and still leave it installed.  It's been a long time since I've played with this, but if you want to experiment and if someone else doesn't give the procedure, I can look again.
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First, it may help if instead of just saying "weird quirks" if you can tell us what specifically those things are, so we can have a better feel for how to assist.

Second, did I perhaps miss something here? I thought F123 was a really old, and all be it also, very dead last I looked, distro of Linux that was made specifically for the blind. And before anyone gets OT asking me, no, I don't know if the packages included with it would be up to date, nor how far a sudo apt[get update would take you. I don't even know if apt is included. It might use either yum, or pacman. Anyway, that's not for this list though, so I digress. Point is, it's pretty old, but as far as a Chrome extension with that name, I'm curious what this thing does.


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Subject: [nvda] any one on here use f123 chrome extention?

Hello does any one use this chrome add on?
I am noticing some weird quirks and I can't tell if it is chrome or the add on.
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