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Justin Harris <justin171185@...>

Yes, very frustrating. I finally did figure out how to write numbers in
the Spanish computer Braille code, but yuck! Adding dot 6 to everything
but 0, and for 0, dots 3-4-6-7-8. Just to much, and in NVDA, it just
works. For a while I was having to plug in an external keyboard and use
it that way, but with NVDA enabled, that has lessened quite a bit. Now
just whenever I get stuck. And yeah, it will be interesting trying to
learn all those new commands.

Since you are also an El Braille user, perhaps you can also hhelp me out
with this... how do I go about using the focus 14 with a bluetooth
device while still inside the El Braille? Can I just do it as normal?
How do I switch back and forth between the two?

El 4/13/2018 a las 9:04 AM, valiant8086 escribió:

You turned out to be right though. When I select Spanish, there are no
input options.

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On 4/13/2018 8:32 AM, valiant8086 wrote:

Yes I am an Elbraille user. There is an extended braille gestures
add-on I believe on the official NVDA add-ons page that brings most
of the missing functionality.

I'm confused about your JAWS issue with no spanish braille, because
JAWS18 uses libluis, which I am surprised to hear doesn't have
anything but computer braille in Spanish.

To be able to cycle between JAWS and NVDA, assign one of the
elbraille buttons to launch NVDA. Otherwise, you won't be able to
start NVDA with JAWS already running, as two screen readers are
unable to do anything that makes sense with one braille display.
You'll need close JAWS first then start NVDA using that elbraille
button. If you need to go back to JAWS, close NVDA and use the
Elbraille Rescue Menu (hold down e1, and use your volume keys to find
JAWS Restart, then hit E4 to execute.

Have fun learning the new gestures for that NVDA add-on though, I
tried and gave up, mostly because I prefer JAWS at this point anyway
but, it's all very different and quite a headache for those already
used to doing it the JAWS way.

I can't keep up with this list much. If you want to ensure a response
from me about further discussion of the Elbraille, be sure to include
my email address directly. If it's on topic, and you also sent it to
the list, I'll come into the folder for this and find it and respond
on list.

Hope this is useful.

Aaron Spears, A.K.A. valiant8086. General Partner - Valiant Galaxy
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On 4/12/2018 4:23 PM, Justin Harris wrote:

I recently purchased an El Braille from Freedom Scientific, and over
all, I think it is an amazing product. Hardware specs aren't much to
speak on, but for what it does, not a bad product at all. However,
is one major issue I have run in to. That is, the lack of Spanish
Braille entry support in JAWS. Called up VFO, only to be told that if I
wanted to use JAWS in another language, I would have to buy another
license from a distributor in Latin America. I informed them that no, I
was able to get Spanish JAWS to activate here in the U.S, (by keeping
format options set to English-US, and in almost every way, it works.
However, even in the Spanish version of JAWS, the only Braille entry
offered is computer Braille. While I am used to, and much prefer having
my OS in Spanish, and can read Spanish Braille, I have no idea how to
type certain things in eight dot, aka computer, Braille. And it seems
that VFO just didn't want to deal with it. Even contacted a distributor
in Argentina, only to be told that since I didn't buy the license from
them, that they could not offer support.

So, that got me thinking. I have used NVDA for years. the commands are
already more familiar to me. Granted, I had never used it with a
display before, bbut I thought... this thing runs Windows. What can
me from putting NVDA on it and doing things that way? I detached the
focus 14 and took NVDA with the focus 14 for a quick test drive.
input and output work perfectly so far as I could tell..

So, here are a few things I have noticed.

1. There doesn't seem to be any support for simulating a press of a
function key from the Braille display.

2. It does not seem possible to do keystrokes which require several
modifiers at once, (alt + tab, alt + f4, ctrl + C, etc. Am I missing
something, or is my assesment correct? Does anyone else on this list
have an El Braille? I wonder if an NVDA addon could be produced to make
it play nicer with this particular device.

There are several reasons one might wish to do this. I already
my reasoning, but being that there are only 2 gb of ram on the device,
NVDA is a much lighter program, not so much of a resource hog. Also, a
lot of the NVDA commands seem to be much more intuitive. A W-chord (for
Windows makes lots more sense than right shift + dot 4. E-chord for
escape, makes a lot more sense than the Z-chord used by Jaws.



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