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I’m only gonna make one comment here. This isn’t in the least meant to be rude, but I don’t want to give any false impressions.


What makes you think aside from most likely incredibly bad timing, that Dropbox had anything to do with the corruption of that DLL? Last I knew, that was not a dll used in any! form nor shape whatsoever by Dropbox.


I really stand by my theory that this was incredibly terrible timing/coencidental!


Though I understand your take entirely on Thunderbird, and oh, by the way, totally 100% respect your opinion, I did want to make it also clear that most all the things you described as quote unquote, clutter, can be completely hidden/disabled through the view menu up in your standard, mind you, nonribbon menu bar.


Again, please don’t take my tone out of context here, as I can easily see how this message would come across maybe a bit rudely. I swear that isn’t my intentions. I’m simply just trying to make a point here. I do understand your predicament though. – I’m not sure I totally agree with it, but, I do understand it.


Have a great rest of your Sunday.





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I would be interested to have the menu version as well, if you have it. I’ve never quite got my head around ribbons and so have never been able to really look into what it can do.

Just goes to show that what you learned in IT classes at school 20 years ago soon turns out to be completely pointless and thus a total waste of time and energy. But hey ho. Such is life. Everything must experience change, I guess.



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It may be possible that installing Drop Box caused this problem but it's unlikely.  You can try the following:

You can reinstall Windows Live Mail but you will need a full installer since Microsoft no longer provides one.  I don't know if you can just run the installer or if you have to remove Windows Live Mail first.  You can try either way you want.  I'll assume you are using the ribbon version and I'll send you a download link for that.  If you are using the older menu version, let us know. 


Instead of reinstalling the program, you may wish to run a system restore point from before the problem started first, and see if that corrects it. 


The download link is:


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Hi there,


Ten minutes in the life of seemingly old fashioned Damien, using Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail:

* Check emails.

* Install Dropbox.

* Realise that it’s turned into a pile of sludgy sluggish inaccessible mess.

* Uninstall Dropbox.

* Attempt to check emails.

* Receive a message that WLDCore.dll is missing.

So in that ten minutes, the only significant thing was to install and uninstall Dropbox, leading me to think that Dropbox somehow corrupted it. I'll save that rant for my rants folder.

I then nonchalantly uninstall, and launch the Windows Live Essentials installer expecting to be able to repair it. Of course, it doesn’t budge. Only then, do I find out that WLM has been discontinued, seemingly with nothing to replace it for Windows 7 users. Another rant for my rants folder.


I wouldn’t be particularly bothered. I wouldn't say that WLM is the best client I've ever used. In fact, every client I've used up to now could do with some accessibility tips. Even so, despite its shortcomings, WLM was the next best thing to OE and so I’ve been using that for the past four or five years.

This puts me in a real dilemma. I’m only able to write this email now, thanks to System Restore (A feature I swore I would never use thanks to its abilities to mess things up). As a result, I highly feel that I need to get a replacement client, hopefully something a little less sporadic in its development and life/support cycles. However, I can’t find a basic, accessible client that:

1. Is free of unnecessary outright bloated clutter,

2. Is fully accessible, responsive and comprehensible, and

3. Is able to import WLM folders and messages.


Here are the three that I have heard apparently work well, and my experiences:


1. OEClassic

Since I liked Outlook Express, and since I have heard a lot about OEClassic on this list, I thought it would make sense to first try that one. However I was disappointed. When tabbing through the main window, I had no idea what was what (the controls seemed to be unlabelled or labelled incorrectly), and some even said “Unknown”. And that’s even before I touched any settings.


2. Pegasus

While Pegasus was the first email client I was ever introduced to, that was nearly 20 years ago, and using a different screen reader. Similar to OEClassic, I found several “Unknown” controls, not to mention the old rich-text-based help system used in the Windows 98 days.


3. Thunderbird

Thunderbird was the only option of the three to allow me to set up a mailbox before use, and even that was a nightmare, simply because it was determined to persuade me to use encrypted channels. Also, while it does seem to be the most accessible of the three in terms of navigation, it also seems full of unnecessary clutter (different tabs, toolbars, calendars and news feeds, half of which I’ll never use). Also can’t get my head around the fact that its window makes heavy use of HTML – I’m used to seeing a good old listbox, pressing enter on a message, and reading it.


Finally, WLM seems to be absent from import options of all three. I see frequent mention of Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird...But not Windows Live.

At this point, I've no idea what my next step is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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