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Its interesting that on virgin, i can set up pop 3 rules to delete from server and never see idiot email but if I enable imap as well I do still see stuff deleted from the pop3 server as they seem tohave different stores neither talking to the other. In some cases one form has delivered email to me hours before the other has as well, so its probably a very common issue as there are a lot of servers who are using the same platform that virgin does it seems. However their web interface is rubbish.
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If you set up a machine with an IMAP account and another e-mail program on that machine or another is already using POP3 and is automatically deleting messages from the server, there will be little or nothing to download in the program using IMAP at the outset because the other program will have been removing messages as that program downloads them. So you will still have to import messages from your other program if you want them in the new one even if you set up an IMAP account.

Also, for people who don't use more than one device, computer or whatever, to download e-mail, I don't know if IMAP is as convenient. I don't use IMAP so I can't compare. But without more information, the assumption that everyone should use IMAP shouldn't be made.

You didn't say everyone should use IMAP, but often in such discussions, that is the impression given by the exchange of messages. I'm saying that unless this is demonstrated, it shouldn't be assumed by readers.

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Thunderbird has not been, in my experience, slow. It is also configurable "out the wazoo" so you can eliminate seeing the vast majority of the defaults you don't want to see if you look up how to turn them off. When I've been installing Thunderbird for my blind and VI clients I do not set up the calendar feature, Lightning, unless they say they actually use an electronic calendar.

Also, if at all possible, when setting up e-mail accounts these days, one should always use IMAP access. This eliminates the need to import messages entirely when a new e-mail client is set up, since that happens all on its own after the client syncs with the server.

It's also worth considering using your e-mail provider's webmail interface, too.
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