Re: Firefox versions and navigational sounds add on

Robert Mendoza

Hi Brian,

I have the same issue with the newer version of Firefoxso I tend to uninstall and revert it back to version 43 which is much stable and responsive in terms of browsing. And, also I also disable the auto update  as well.

Robert Mendoza
On 5/8/2016 5:41 PM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:

I know like me people like this add on as if nothing else it alerts when a download is complete, however recently all my machines, xp, 10 and 7 have had a version of Firefox 47 installed. For one thing this version is like a slug on any single core machine, no matter which operating system it has, but rather annoyingly, the navigational sounds add on no longer works in it. I've just spent a good half an our downdating all machines to 46 which has fixed the issues.
I have no idea what Mozilla have done but its not good. I have now disabled updates in the advanced options update tab in tools until somebody lets me know this issue is sorted out in 47. There are a lot of single core processor machines out there which will fall fouls of this and as blind folk the loss of sound I find very irritating and confusing.
I do not have any idea how to submit a bug report  like this, so if you can and do, check what I say and tell them please. In the meantime 46 is just fine.

Incidentally 47 is so slow on some of my AMD single core machines you get an nevda error when you click links etc.


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