Re: help, can't get balloon about Win 10 back!

Kenny Peyattt jr.

How much would a product key cost?

Kenny Peyatt jr.


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I'm proud to say, that as of this afternoon, I updated to Windows 10, without speech, using "seeing AI" on my iphone.

All I need now, is a product key.

My computer is very fast now. 






On Apr 15, 2018, at 6:13 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Several observations:

  1. If you have Windows 7 (any edition) and are still getting any sort of "Upgrade to Windows 10" messages the only reason would be that your Windows Update process is broken, since GWX [Get Windows X - Ten] was removed by Windows Update on Windows 7 systems within a few weeks of the end of July 2016.  That, or you or someone else set up something to intentionally block Windows Updates (and many people did for GWX) that blocked the removal patch from downloading and installing.
  2. Even though the free update period is over officially, updates to Windows 10 on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 systems continues to work, at least as of last week.  You can use the method documented in:  Updating Windows 10 using the Windows 10 ISO file
  3. The free Upgrade to Windows 10 for Users of Assistive Technologies ended as of 12/31/2017, as you'll see if you check out the webpage.  You can no longer download the Windows 10 ISO or use the Update Assistant from that page.

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