Dragging and Dropping with NVDA

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I'm not sure if what I want to do is possible using NVDA but I thought I'd ask.

I've read the mouse functions section in the 2018.1 user guide and have tried routing the mouse to the current object (NVDA+num pad divide), locking the left mouse button on that object (shift+num pad divide), going to another window and then pressing NVDA+num pad divide to route the mouse pointer to that window, and finally pressing shift+num pad divide to release the locked left mouse button and, fingers crosssed, drop the item into that window ... and nothing seems to be happening.

In the user guide it says: Locks the left mouse button down. Press again to release it. To drag the mouse, press this key to lock the left button down and then move the mouse either physically or use one of the other mouse routing commands.

What I want to do is lock the left button on a file in explorer, drag it onto a Python terminal window and then drop the file on that window. There are no objects in that Python terminal window other than the title and the verticle scroll bar.

Grateful for any advice on whether the sequence of my actions is currect, and whether dropping a file in this way is possible. In other similar cases, such as dropping a file into a WordPress media window for uploading a new file, there is also a browse button and I always use that. Without any means of browsing for the file I want to drop in the terminal window I'm a bit stumped.


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