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Jacob Kruger

I am guessing that he got windows mail - the older windows 7 version - working via the tweak available on the following page:

Look for the windows mail heading level 3 item, and if you're prepared to try work with the files in that zip file, then first read the readMe.txt, and it says that it's possible that service pack installations etc. might mess it up later on, but, you also need to make sure you handle part of the tasks frfrom the right context - run as administrator, etc.

Either way, it says that windows mail is installed along with windows 10, but, sort of turned off, and does a couple of things to then enable it again - have run through this on my windows 10 pro 64 bit machine, and it works just fine, but, still trying to decide on best method to export all my archived messages from thunderbird, before possibly switching back to windows mail myself, since it's still pretty much an outlook express replica/clone...<smile>

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On 2016-05-08 10:44 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I cannot see a mail app in Windows 10 on the machine I just got. How
would one find it and does it also do Usenet as Outlook express and Live
Mail did.
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Subject: [nvda] Hi, from win10 Mail App!

David Moore here.
I am testing out the mail app with NvDA and it works pretty good. Let me
know if you get this message okay. Take care.

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