Re: Dragging and Dropping with NVDA

John Isige

The Mozilla addon let's you rearrange the columns without dragging and
dropping I'm pretty sure. Not that knowing how to drag and drop isn't
useful mind, but there's at least another way to do that specific thing.

On 4/17/2018 20:47, Brian Vogel wrote:

          Thanks much for that information.  One of the few instances
where I've seen a need to use drag and drop via the keyboard is
rearranging the displayed column order in Thunderbird.  Because I've
had so much trouble with this in the past, because I didn't know that
a bump of the mouse was required, I've suggested that folks find a
sighted assistant since this is generally a one-off activity.  At
least now I know why I've had the difficulties I've had as I'd
certainly not have expected the need for actual mouse use (or the
equivalent via Golden Cursor), that's for sure.

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