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I've never found a need to drag and drop unless its a completely non standard application where it can be hit and miss. I think the issue is that the software concerned needs to be able to know that you are not exactly dragging at all, ie there is no actual track between the two locations, so it ignores you. If cut and paste is possible its far more reliable.

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Hi, Brian,

I use copy and paste quite a bit and it does work great for me. Thank you for the tip.


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I just tried what you described and although I'd think it would do as you described it doesn't for me, either.

One thing I did try that seems to work is using copy and paste. Once I have focus on the file I want to drop in the source window I hit the conventional Windows keyboard shortcut CTRL+C to copy it. I then navigate to the target window using ALT+TAB then get myself positioned such that I am ready to drop it where it needs to be dropped then hit Paste, CTRL+V, which effectively drops it there.

Try this and see if it works for you.
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