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You would imagine if they do have a proven design, one of the other makers might buy the rights, or maybe the problem is the cost to make it and they were just not recouping the costs fast enough. After all, in the main its only the most well off individual who can afford this luxury. Most of the other sales are through government schemes for working blind people.

If you can afford a display like these, at least you can afford to donate more to the nvda project though. Hides behind sofa as a hail of rotting tomatoes comes over.. :-)


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Unfortunately, yes, Baum is in financial difficulty and currently isn't

I have owned two of their displays over the years, both excellent. It seems
that I'll have to look elsewhere for my next display, though. I've been doing
the research but have not yet made the final decision.

Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:
Atention, BAUM is closed since begining of 2018 due to bankrupcy...


Às 20:33 de 17/04/2018, Angela Delicata escreveu:
I have Vario Ultra made by Baum which is a German factory... It is very
god with nvda: it works well.

Il 17/04/2018 18:25, Jason White via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Are there any braille displays that are particularly well supported
by NVDA,
including the BrailleExtender add-on and its assignment of keyboard
to braille display keys?

Are there any braille display vendors who have been especially
with the NVDA project?

I wish to take this into account in a personal purchasing decision, among
other factors, so I thought I should ask here.

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