Re: help, can't get balloon about Win 10 back!


On Wed, Apr 18, 2018 at 08:29 am, Ervin, Glenn wrote:
I have seen many folks get a new computer because their old one is now slow.

            You are entirely correct that a very great many systems become sluggish because of the long collection of garbage in all sorts of locations over time.  This can almost always be cured by doing a completely clean installation of whatever operating system it is that you have been using on that machine.

            This is not, of course, a trivial undertaking since you will need to back up all your user data and also make sure that all programs you routinely use are available for reinstallation either with the original media you got when you bought them or via download.  Then you've got to reconfigure your system settings, upload all that user data, and get all those programs installed again.

             Another thing that can add an awful lot of additional speed to a system is changing out the conventional hard disk drive for a solid state drive.  If the drive on your system is not huge the price of SSDs is dropping enough these days that this is an excellent way of getting a significant additional performance boost as well.
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