Re: help, can't get balloon about Win 10 back!

Antony Stone

So, can you confirm that, starting from a standard licensed Windows 7 system,
you could still upgrade in the past few days to a properly licensed Windows 10
system without having to pay for a new licence?

That would be good to know, if Microsoft really are still doing the free
upgrades, despite the advertised offer ending in 2016...



On Wednesday 18 April 2018 at 18:30:20, Jessica D wrote:

I now have win10, and love it
My pc is very fast now
But, I still don't understand, how doing an overtop install, can literally
delete everything. I never told it to do that.
At least, I never heard "seeing AI" mention it.

Anything that improbable is effectively impossible.

- Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel Prizewinner in Physics

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