Re: Dragging and Dropping with NVDA

Giles Turnbull

for clarification of why I need to drag and drop, it is a means of removing DRM from iTunes films so I'll be able to convert them to mp3 and then play them on my Blaze book reader. I only have iTunes on my laptop which is too heavy to cart around with me. My alternative is to use Virtual Recorder to record iTunes playing the film as an mp3, but that means playing the whole episode through at 1x speed. Being able to de-DRM them and convert them in a fraction of the time would be a huge help.

I have the complete X-Files series 5 and was pondering geting all the other X-Files series (yeah, I'm a bit nerdy!) but I don't fancy doing that if I can't convert the audio to mp3.

Thanks for these drag and drop ideas and see how I get on :)

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