Re: help, can't get balloon about Win 10 back!

Ervin, Glenn

It is still good if you wanted to do other maintenance though, as I mentioned in the past message.

But you would need the Windows 10 WinPe.



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In my case that won't help. I have an unattended install from the guys at my custom built pc that just installs everythign includign the drivers and stuff. No quartana nothing. And narrator comes up talking at full volume like I told them to do when I bought the machine. These guys are wonderful, ecept for the unattended install the rest of windows 10 is fully accessible and fast.

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Well, since Sarah joined in, and before I forget to send some helpful info, I will describe how I would do it.

You can go to:

and download a talking copy of WinPE.  I believe his only includes WinPe for windows 7.

I have a Windows 10 WinPe that talks, from another site, but my work network won’t allow me to either go to that site or send a link to it, as it scans URLs for wording it does not like.

Anyway, you can put WinPe on a DVD or USB thumb drive and boot to it and you are in windows.

Not your windows, but WinPe.

You will have Internet access and lots of utilities.

I’m sure you can scan a drive for viruses this way too.

You can make an ISO of your C: drive and put it on another drive and format your drive and either reinstall Windows, or put the ISO contents back onto the drive.



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In my case I just used aira  to help me as the process for me is not accessible at all. We got it done in about 5 minutes thanks ssd.

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I'll let Shaun answer, but if he isn't sure, I'll inform the list.

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    Okay!  I have read many of your messages on the list about how a disk re-format makes it all good again!

    Can you please explain to all of us who are totally blind how to Re-format the hard disk without sighted assistance?

    If you can't give specific instructions on the process? Then, don't talk about doing things that require sighted assistance on a list which focuses on how blind users can get things done without sighted help which is not always available!!!

    It's always helpful to give specific instructions on doing tasks. rather than just throwing stuff out there without explaining how its done!

    Hopefully this list will go back to being a knowledge base instead of just conjecture!!!

On 4/18/2018 11:59 AM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

It depends why your system is slow and the age it is.

Its true, a good reformat will always make all your problems go away, 
but if your hardware is ancient or on the edge of being made 
compatible with the next os or is harder to replace etc, etc, etc then 
you need a new computer.

Oh and if security is a concern.

But on the other side, your 3-5 year old unit  especially if its 
before 2015 may be covered by general windows drivers and you may 
never need extras in the first place.

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I have seen many folks get a new computer because their old one is 
now slow.
They forget how fast it was when they first got it.
One can boot up to WinPE or use Linux to copy out the files if 
Windows does not allow them to copy out certain files from the user's 
Or if one is organized and knows where the critical keeper files are, 
just copy them out, and if one's eMail is on the server, the computer 
can be restored to a brand-new state and just put the files back.
No need to get a new computer, or new OS.

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I'd not say 7 is slow. I think we need to know if its always been 
slow or has slowed, and then discuss why. In my experience when i did 
dip my toe in the 10 water, a machine which was slow on xp or 7 was 
equally slow on 10!
  Not always of course, but it depends on the reason for the 
slowness, ie processor throttling lack of ram or hard disc 
fragmentation. often fitting an ssd in a machine seems to 
miraculously speed it up!

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I have a windows 7 laptop, with both Jaws 16, and NVDA 2018.1.1 on it
This morning, when I booted the system, I got a message in the corner 
of my
screen, which said, "get windows 10" so I clicked it, and supposedly,
reserved my copy.
note: at that time, I wasn't connected to wifi, but apparently it still
I wish I could get that balloon back, now that I'm connected just to 
Windows 7 is very slow.

What can I do?
Sorry for cross-posting but I felt that was best, since I have both
screen-readers installed, although, Jaws is unlicensed.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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