Say All and NVDA


HI, everyone. I have a couple questions and was wondering if anyone could help. I have the latest Next snapshot of NVDA and Windows 10 Insider build 17134, but what I'm asking about has been an issue for a long time. I often read books on my laptop with Kindle for PC, especially if I can't find an audio version somewhere Else. I use eSpeak NG and have it set really fast for most things, but when I'm reading, I like to slow it down. A lot of times, I've tried to automatically do this by creating a configuration profile for NVDA's say all feature that slows the speech rate down when I press the say all command. I've pretty much stopped doing this, though, because using that profile somehow seems to change the speech rate for my normal configuration, which is really annoying. I believe I had the same issue when I created a configuration profile that slowed speech when I used the Kindle app. Has anyone   else noticed this? Is there a way to fix or get around it? Would changing the synthesizer for that particular profile help? I'm not sure what synthesizer would be free or cheap and good for reading, but I would be willing to try different ones out if that would fix this problem. Thanks.

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