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I think I understood it that a picture needs to be sent knowing its got text before it gets ocred by google, but its not very clear from their info. I gave up on google docs since it seems very powerful but actually getting ones head around its interface seems alien to my brain!
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I use it with Chrome all the time.
Make sure that you have NVDA in focus mode. You should be able to use all of the navigation commands like arrows, page up and down and so on to read the document. Any type of document can be opened as a Google doc. Once a file opens in Google Docs, it is automatically changed into a Google doc. There is no conversion you need to perform on your own, Google does the conversion by itself. So, a PDF will open as a Google doc, if it is in the Google Docs Window!
David Moore
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Subject: [nvda] Google docs and NVDA and Chrome


I have had a document shared with me but I can't seem to find a way to read it. I can only hear the first line which says "About:".

Is it possible to access google docs with NVDA and Chrome?


Dan Beaver

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