Re: Google docs and NVDA and Chrome

Dan Beaver


I did try refreshing and it still didn't work.  Browse mode switching also was a no go.

I spoke to the person who sent me the link to the doc and he says it was actually created several years ago.  He is going to create a new doc with the same info in it to see if that will help.  It is possible that it was created without the full accessibility capabilities.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Dan Beaver

On 4/18/2018 4:25 PM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:
Hello Dan,
Have you tried refreshing the page with f5?
When I can't read anything, I go the adress bar and then I return to the document.
Have you also tried turning browse mode on and off with nvda+space bar?
I have no other ideas for the moment.
Le 18/04/2018 à 18:47, Dan Beaver a écrit :

Thank you for the info.

I tried using the ctrl+alt+z stroke and it said screen reader support enabled.  However, it still just says "about:".  My wife looked at the screen and it has other info on it but NVDA can't read it.

Any other ideas?  Does the doc have to be formatted in a certain way to make it accessible?

Dan Beaver

On 4/18/2018 12:01 PM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:

Hello Dan,

Google docs works fine with Chrome and NVDA.

You have to enable screen reader support in pressing ctrl+alt+Z.


Le 18/04/2018 à 17:35, Dan Beaver a écrit :


I have had a document shared with me but I can't seem to find a way to read it.  I can only hear the first line which says "About:".

Is it possible to access google docs with NVDA and Chrome?


Dan Beaver

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