Re: having multiple webpages opened when using NVDA?


My previous message had one or two typographical errors and one or two errors of words that should have been removed.  I've made the corrections and here is the corrected message.  the content is the same, but the typing and unnecessary word errors have been removed.
It is important to distinguish between screen-reader commands and program and Windows commands.  the commands you gave are program commands, specifically, browser commands.  therefore, they can be used with NVDA.
This isn't always true but in general, commands that perform functions that don't require a screen-reader to provide information or do something extra are program or Windows commands.  the browser commands you cited are program commands.  any user, sighted or blind would use them.  Read title bar is a screen-reader command.  A sighted person can just look at the title bar, a blind person can't.  So the command does something specific that a blind person needs done.
There are command conflicts at times between screen-readers and programs or Windows, but they aren't common and that's what the screen-reader's bypass command is for.  Any screen-reader that has any sizable number of such conflicts is improperly designed.

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Subject: [nvda] having multiple webpages opened when using NVDA?

Hi All,

What is the command for opening multiple webpages in NVDA.  I know in JAWS, if you press control plus T an edit field for entering another URL comes up.  Then once arriving at a second or third webpage, movement between them is done by pressing control plus tab.  How is this done in NVDA? Thanks very much for any guidance.


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