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Dan Kerstetter

After following this thread, I’ve decided to put in my 1.5 cents.  (smile)


As a blind person who has used a computer for a long time with many different screen readers, I feel that one can never have too many.  Some things JAWS is better at than NVDA and vice versa.  I’ve actually had to switch between screen readers in the middle of performing a task on the web simply because one will work and the other won’t for one specific part of a task.  Thanks for reading.


Dan K




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thank you for this.


I can think of a perfect example this morning.

I was trying to click on a button on a webpage with NVDA. It was quite the important button, too, as it was a button that allows me to pay a bill.

Apparently the bank changed something because NVDA, no matter what browser I used, no matter if the window was maximized, no matter if I used object nav and then routed mouse cursor to NVDA with capslock shift m, it would not click. Chrome, firefox ESR, firefox latest, edge, internet exploder. So then I tried narrator with edge and had the same results.


Opened jaws and chrome, got it first try by pressing enter.

That, right there, made it worth the $125 SMA I just paid simply because I did not have to go through the hell of changing my bank, credit card, etc based on one button. I'm still going to be raising hell with said bank but, really, this superior NVDA is better than jaws attitude simply because it is free needs to stop. This is coming from an NVDA user. There are things NVDA can't do and jaws can and vice versa. Neither are perfect and judging someone based on what screen reader they use is just absurd and childish.





On 19-Apr-2018 2:43 PM, Gene wrote:

There are some uses for which JAWS is better.  My impression is that NVDA is either as good or better than JAWS for typical uses such as browsing, e-mail, working with audio players, and doing other things the majority of users do.  But JAWS is much more user configurable and the user who knows how to do so can make it work with many programs that aren't widely used, but that the person may want or need.  A lot of users won't have a need or wish to do so but the ability to customize JAWS is important for some users.


And there are times when JAWS works with a certain program better and where NVDA works with a specific program better. 


It's common to see the attitude among committed NVDA users that it is very superior and to pretty much dismiss JAWS.  that isn't a proper view.  for some, perhaps many, users, NVDA would be superior.  but there are blind people who rely on JAWS in important ways.  It's far better to have choices and I don't hope to see the demise of JAWS.



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> Dear friends, the matter of fact is that I’m using JAWS as my primary screen reader since I have started using computer for the first time in year 2010.
> The latest tutorial of NVDA by Joseph Lee made me interested in using NVDA.
> So I have downloaded and installed it and since then I have been using it as my secondary screen reader!
> I’m very happy to let you know that NVDA is well ahead of JAWS specially in the area of accessibility!
> Friends, I’d like to request you to  please comment about my observation if it is right?
> Please let me know the pros and cons of my observation!
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