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Hey all,
Not going to chime in too much about which is better or the best screen reader. I use both the candidates. For me, what is crucial is cost. I have been a TVI for twenty-five years. It has frequently been difficult to convince school districts to purchase either JAWS or WindowEyes for students particularly those whose conditions may mean that either will not meet been their long term needs. The APH version of JAWS has changed this.

However, as part of the Baby Boomer generation, I am also aware of the staggering numbers of my cohort who will be losing vision in the next several decades. Frighteningly, that population will be even larger due to the increases of vision loss across all ages. As just one example, the incidence of diabetic retinopathy has increased over 80% due in large part to our American diet.

We Boomers are the first generation of seniors for whom computers have become part of everyday life. Many of us will be on relatively fixed incomes. The access features built into Windows may serve some individuals, and Microsoft may continue to improve those. However, it is very likely that many more of us will be in need of a highly functional screen reader that will allow us to keep using computers.
NV Access has as its goal, to make a constantly improved screen reader available to anyone. The cost of other options for older computer addicts may make other screen readers simply out of reach. Some folks on the list are rightfully concerned about the open source model of NVDA. So much of the ongoing development comes from individuals giving freely of their time. My hope is that aging vision loss will actually grow support for this model, both monetarily and in the volunteer pool. Maybe too, the operating systems will continue to work to produce screen readers that are every bit as functional as both JAWS and NVDA. For the future, my hopes are that there will be tools that allow everyone access to what looks to be all of our futures.
No one paid me to add the PSA announcement below.
P.S. Please when you get to that part of downloading your next NVDA upgrade, where the installer asks, "Donate Now, "press that button before going further. If you can, think of a monthly donation like you think of your internet service agreement, and make it monthly.

Dr. Rick Ely
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I'm sure it depends what software you use; but for me, I'm strictly a home user running NVDA for over two years and love it. Along with supporting Omnipage, the KNFB Reader Windows 10 app, iTunes, Thunderbird, etc. extremely well, NVDA is extremely responsive. No offense against JAWS users, just don't see the reason for such a ridiculous upgrade price tag. It's not like it's still the 90's and Windows screen access for the blind is still in its infancy.


On 4/19/2018 3:30 PM, Angela Delicata wrote:

I removed Jaws completely from my PC and have been using nvda only
since last october... I do exactly the same things as Jaws: web
navigation, checking emails, using text programs et.

I can say in same occations nvda is even better than Jaws... so no
need for it now.

Honestly, I may say those who speak bad of nvda is only because they
do not know it enough.


Angela from Italy

Il 19/04/2018 19:04, Inam Uddin via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Dear friends, the matter of fact is that I’m using JAWS as my primary
screen reader since I have started using computer for the first time
in year 2010.
The latest tutorial of NVDA by Joseph Lee made me interested in using
So I have downloaded and installed it and since then I have been
using it as my secondary screen reader!
I’m very happy to let you know that NVDA is well ahead of JAWS
specially in the area of accessibility!
Friends, I’d like to request you to please comment about my
observation if it is right?
Please let me know the pros and cons of my observation!
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