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I don't know why George could reach it.  I couldn't and I didn't include the return.  But the method he described or some variation is worth trying on any embedded objects where the most straightforward method won't work.  I've used such methods on many embedded objects. 

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Yes, thanks, this does the job.

Glad you were able to access the url. Others said they could not, even
though I asked them to remove the carriage return as you did.


Anyway, I value your response.

All the best,


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Hello Cearbhall,

I'm in the U.S.  I'm running the same version of firefox as you but I am
running Windows 7 home premium with all updates and NVDA 2016.1.

The link you sent worked for me when I eliminated the linefeed character
after the equals sign.
I played several samples.  Here's how I did it.
1.  Arrow to the unavailable embedded object.
2.  Route the mouse to the embedded object with nvda plus numPad slash.
3.  Left click by pressing numPad slash.
I tried three samples and they all played for me using this method.

Give this method a go and let us know if it works on your system.

Good luck,

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From: Cearbhall O'Meadhra
Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2016 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] embedded object in Firefox


I found a problem in Firefox when attempting to listen to a sample of an
audio book in the BorrowBox library system. I don't know if this is an NVDA
problem or exclusively a Firefox Flash Player issue. or if Bolinda need to
do something with their Java script. I should mention that the sighted user
has no problem playing the audio sample using a mouse.

I am using Windows 10,, NVDA 2016.1 and Firefox46.1 on a desktop PC.

If List members would like to see the problem for themselves I recommend the
following url:
It is not necessary to sign in to sample the reading of a title.

Here is a typical audio book display:

--Start of clip -----------------------
link graphic Railway Viaduct
embedded object unavailable (this should say "Preview" but doesn't!) Link
Reserve On Loan, Available on 22/05/16 Link Railway Viaduct Link Edward
Marston Read by Sam Dastor Crime & Thriller, Historical Fiction eAudiobook -
Unabridged ---end of clip ------------------

The player for the audio sample is activated by an "embedded object" that is
flagged by NVDA as "not being available". The BorrowBox help page advises
that Adobe flash must be active to enable audio sampling of each title. I
have Adobe flash installed and active. For example, I can play any song in
YouTube in Firefox without any problem.

After many weeks of failing to play the preview, I found the following
workaround using NVDA:

From the top of the web page select eAudio if not already selected. Then
press "g" to find a book title. If the next   object after pressing
down-arrow once is "embedded Object" then you have an audio book and we can

Here is the full sequence of steps:
1. Press G for the graphic of the book title; 2. Press down-arrow once to
the embedded object. You should hear "Embedded Object not available"; 3.
Press NVDA + numpad Enter to activate the embedded object. You should hear
"Embedded Object Unavailable Activate"; 4. Press right arrow once. You
should hear ""Space"; 5. Press the space bar  to start and stop the sample
audio of the narrator speaking.

If pressing the space bar does not act as a toggle and the enter key does
not do the job either:
6. Press right arrow once;
7. Press space bar or main keyboard enter to play and stop playing the audio

Can anyone advise what to do about this?
A. Is it an NVDA problem?
B. Is it a Firefox problem?
c. Is it a BorrowBox problem for the developer Bolinda to see to?

All the best,


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