Re: having multiple webpages opened when using NVDA?


its a command of firefox and maybe other web browsers to open multiple
web pages in one window, (i mean tab browsing).
its not a command of any screen reader, but browsers support tab
browsing and you can select to open new pages in a new tab or new

On 4/20/18, Ervin, Glenn <glenn.ervin@...> wrote:
I would venture to say that if it involves the insert key, it is a
screenreader command.

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A big shout out to Gene, Jonathan, & Sylvie for all reinforcing the
importance of knowing the difference between application program or Windows
OS keyboard shortcuts and screen reader shortcuts.

When shortcuts "are your life" (and even when they aren't) it's very easy to
lose track of which shortcuts are processed by what layer - screen reader,
program, or OS - but knowing which it is can really make your life much
easier. The CTRL+T for "open new tab" command is universal, or very nearly
so [as I've not hit an exception yet], within all web browsers.

A huge number of the keyboard shortcuts that any of use use are Windows OS
keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft now has a great page documenting same which
allows you to choose which version of Windows you wish to get them for via a
dropdown box near the very top of the page: Windows Keyboard
While the old tried and true ones from all prior versions of Windows
remain unchanged, there are a number of new ones, mostly using WinKey plus
something, but a few others as well, that are new to Windows 10.
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