Re: nvda and Edge


Thanks David for all the tips on Edge.

I use Firefox a lot; I don't seem to experience the issues many others are reporting here. It's still very fast on my machine, but it's become a lot more cumbersome, and tends to block too much stuff totally unrequested.

I mostly use Chrome, and definitely Edge for pdf and epub files, because it retains links, which Qread doesn't do.



Il 20/04/2018 01:50, David Moore ha scritto:


NVDA is faster in Edge, you can open PDFs and Epub books, and you can save or back your favorites as an html file.

Also, Edge loads pages for me, much faster than the later versions of firefox.

Have a great one, by the way, I use Chrome, most of the time, it works much better, in my opinion, than the latest versions of firefox.

David Moore

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I am running the latest NVDA master along with Fall Creaters update of

Win10 and finally decided to check out Edge.  I do have a few questions.

For those of us who are blind, what advantages does Edge have over Firefox?

Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to backup Favorites unless this is

managed through Syncing.  I am already logged into my Microsoft account.

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