Re: NVDA Is Well Ahead Of JAWS

Jason White

On Apr 20, 2018, at 04:57, Devin Prater <> wrote:

Well, with all of the computers that I use, NVDA is sluggish with Microsoft Word text areas. So, until NVDA, and yes even Narrator, get that fixed, JAWS is the only viable solution for Office users. Sure, NVDA developers say they’ve never experienced this, but on my laptop with 8 gigs ram, quad core threaded CPU, and 64 bit Windows, and a beefy workstation with 16 gigs of ram, an SSD, and so on, NVDA still lags with Word text areas, this means the document pane pretty much, as well as the Outlook message box.
Interestingly, I edited a Microsoft Word file with NVDA earlier this week and tested it with Microsoft Outlook. I didn’t experience the sluggishness that you report. So, it’s true that some people are not encountering this problem.

I’m using NVDA 2018.1.1 and an up to date Office 365 version (Monthly Channel).

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