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abdul muhamin

I was talking about win cam


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From: Antony Stone
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible Screen Recording Software


Which software are you talking about?


Your email recommends using something, but does not say what.


Where can we find out what it is and more information about it?




On Monday 16 April 2018 at 23:33:35, abdul muhamin wrote:


> Hi, I strongly suggest you to use.

> this software

> it may assist you better

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> From: Bhavya shah

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> Subject: [nvda] Accessible Screen Recording Software


> Dear all,

> For a certain purpose, I am in need of an accessible screen capturing

> and recording software for my Windows 8.1 powered laptop. According to

> my preliminary research, some recommended accessible programs for this

> purpose include Camtasia, Open Broadcasting Software and WebInAria. I

> have perfunctorily read about or tried each of these software and

> following is a summary of my present knowledge:

> Camtasia: I have installed the huge software’s free trial for now. I

> seem unable to find any self-explanatorily worded option to start a

> screen recording, am just Tabbing around the interface through the

> different options and some unlabelled toggle buttons, and am uncertain

> as to how I should proceed from this point.

> Open Broadcasting Software: I have seen a blind individual

> recommending OBS Classic, which fork of this software is now

> deprecated according to the developer’s website. Should I still try

> out OBS Classic, or is the newer OBS studio accessible?

> WebInAria: This software seems to have no dedicated website of its

> own, the number and quality of ratings it has received on software

> hosting sites are low, and it seems like this program hasn’t been

> updated in several years now.

> I would deeply appreciate it if you could either shed some light on

> the above-mentioned software, or alternatively suggest other

> accessible screen capturing and recording software that are usable

> with a screen reader, especially NVDA.

> Thanks.



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