Re: NVDA Is Well Ahead Of JAWS

Ervin, Glenn

Jaws has been crashing a lot in Internet Explorer since Jaws 18.
I think a lot of people don't notice it though, because Jaws seems to have also received the ability to restart after a crash.
So I lose speech when loading a page for a while, and before I get to a desktop to restart it it reloads with its usual Jaws startup message.
In the old days, Jaws would crash, but would not come back, we had to relaunch it.

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I use JAWS extensively for its excellent braille and Microsoft Office support,
but NVDA is improving in these areas. The BrailleExtender add-on is very good,
for example. On my system, at least, with applications such as Microsoft
Outlook, NVDA doesn't seem to crash as JAWS does. Perhaps I've simply been

I've noticed some bugs in NVDA 2018.1.1, but, on the other hand, I'm aware of
some JAWS bugs as well. Perhaps I should go to GitHub and report the NVDA
bugs, or raise them on the list.

All of the screen readers that I have used have their advantages and
drawbacks. They all have bugs, too. So do operating systems and applications,
where many of the accessibility issues lie. Choose whatever combinations best
meet your needs. As others have suggested, having multiple screen readers
available is a good situation to be in.

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