Re: What is skim reading in NVDA!!!


its a very useful feature which i enabled it.
when i navigate by heading, when skim reading is enabled,
i press h and find my desire heading without losing sayAll.
i navigate by h for example and find my desire heading, while sayAll
still works and does not stop.

On 4/20/18, mk360 <mk.seventhson@...> wrote:
Is something similar to use left and right shift when reading with say
all in JAWS to skip text.
Basically, with that option enabled, you can start read all and use the
move by paragraph commands (ctrl and and down arrow) to move by
paragraph without stop the read, same if you use h to move to headers, t
to tables, etc etc.

El 20/04/2018 a las 12:43, Arun Gaalla escribió:

What is skim reading in NVDA and how does it work??? Thanks in advance….


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