Re: NVDA Is Well Ahead Of JAWS

john s

Gene, you mean, one has to click the physical mouse?  The WE mouse is so much faster, but I may have to switch to NVDA, sometime.

At 09:41 AM 4/20/2018, Gene, wrote:

Rather than explain it, which involves not just explaining how to route and click the simulated mouse, you have to know the3 NVDA review keys, 2which use the numpad.  You first use the review keys, then when the review position is where you want the mouse you route the mouse to that position and click it.  the various review modes and the review keys are explained in a tutorial which is very well thought of.  You can download either the entire tutorial or only the sections you want here:
You will see links to all the sections and a link at the end to a zip version of the entire tutorial.
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Don, I'm still using WE with win 7.  The thing which makes me
hesitate to another screen reader is I don't what would replace the
WE mouse keys.  What did you do with NVDA to replace that function?

At 03:38 PM 4/19/2018, Don H, wrote:
>I started using NVDA after the demise of Window Eyes.  I also got
>the free Jaws when it was offered.  I found NVDA much easier to use
>over Jaws and use NVDA as my prime screen reader.  Just hope that
>there is no way that VFO can swallow up NVDA as it did Window Eyes.



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