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    Thanks for the reply! Could I have George's email address? On the web interface. It is reading and navigating. Using NVDA and FireFox, focus often gets stuck when navigating menus. Chat menus, and switching channels. I will join the group below, thank you! In FF, Could a messages header be added so that I don't accidentally skip the messages list? As for the desktop app, nothing reads, at all. Absolutely nothing, using NVDA. On windows 10. 

On 4/21/2018 2:09 AM, Bel (Slack) wrote:

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Bel (Slack)

Apr 21, 12:09 AM PDT

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your patience whilst I checked into this further for you.

Good news on the ARIA roles front. It’s part of the work we are currently doing to improve the experience when using screen readers—which is our number one priority project. We have a project tracker for this and I've added your details so I can keep you updated.

I've popped a link to our Help Centre article on screen readers below. It covers 3 common scenarios and how they can be accomplished right now with a screen reader.

I've spoken to our Accessibility Product Manager, George, about your feedback and he's keen to get some specifics around what’s not working for you. For example, is it reading messages, writing, interacting with messages, navigation, etc. George is also keen to learn more about what your expectation is for a 100% ideal UX for screen readers.

In the meantime, you can have direct access to us by joining the workspace we have set up to discuss Accessibility issues in Slack and beyond. You can join by creating an account from here:



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