Further accessibility improvements in OE Classic 2.8


The below is not the hacked outlook express many people are using. I am not sure why so many people think it's actually outlook express, but anyway, the announcement is below. This is an email client that runs on Windows. It is a thunderbird alternative. No IMAP support, as far as I can tell, but at least they are really working on their accessibility! It's good they test with NVDA. More people should test with NVDA rather than JAWS anyway. I think the pro version is like $35? Not sure. Check the links below.

We have released OE Classic 2.8, both Pro and free version. If you wanted to test out the free version to learn how improved accessibility works in it, compared to 2.7 version and you wanted to try the free version, you have the chance to do so now on https://www.oeclassic.com (for free users) or https://www.oeclassic.com/user (for Pro users).

In addition to that, some users asked for OE Classic in different languages with added accessibility, namely we had a suggestion to have it in French. We now have a language selection which is the first window which opens when you start the program. These two improvements will hopefully make OE Classic more useful tool to you and others. Download is available on our website. Note that we have also worked more on improving website accessibility as well, especially the forms where you input the text such as username and password, contact form, options for registered users and similar. The fields which were previously unlabeled have now been labeled. So this too has improved for low vision or blind users.

Note that even though 2.8 has improved in accessibility in various areas which you will definitely notice especially if you last used 2.7 version, we still have some things to improve and we're not done with it entirely so we can consider it even more accessible. This particular release focused mainly on improving the readability of Options, Update window, message editor, message viewer, address book, address book properties and a few other windows listed in the readme file. So definitely try it out to examine how it will work for you.

Further attention to accessibility will be done in the 2.9 version as well which we work upon right now.

best regards,
Zvonko Tesic

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