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I use F2 to edit the cell but then NVDA cannot read the contents as the cell opens minimised. When I maximise the cell NVDA reads the contents immediately. I had not noticed this before! Could it be part of the change that you are referring to? I agree that this is a Microsoft issue as the cell is not minimised by NVDA but by Excel.


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Hello Quentin,


I believe you are correct in saying that Microsoft changed something in office that disabled the F2 cell editing capability in Excel.  It took VFO several months to solve this issue. 


I looked up the NVDA incident report.  Following the suggestions there, I removed and restored my Office 365.  I still do not have the NVDA F2 cell editing function.


I am using NVDA 2018.1.1.


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Hi Louis,


Pressing F2 to edit cell contents in Excel is a function of Excel itself, rather than the screen reader.  So, yes you can do this with NVDA.  Interesting that you say this functionality no longer works with Jaws, as we have started seeing problems with it in NVDA, so I wonder if it is not something either screen reader has done, but perhaps something Microsoft has done that has broken how we get the information about cells being edited.  For a sighted user, and indeed using NVDA, the functionality appears to work just the same as it ever has, it's just that NVDA reports "unknown" when you press F2, and then does not read the contents of the cell.


We have at least one issue open for this:





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I recently migrated from JAWS to NVDA.  In JAWS, a user can edit an Excel cell by putting the cursor on the cell and hitting f2.  Recently this functionality disappeared from JAWS; however, with today's release (J2018.1804.26) this functionality has returned.

Does NVDA have an Excel cell editing method?

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