Looking for a Synthesizer

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
I've sent this question before, but I didn't give a clear
understanding of the issue.
I did say that I use an old synthesizer, known as viavoice outloud, to
access NVDA. I did say then that the synthesizer is too slow in
responding to commands.
But, actually, I only have problems with the synthesizer when I am on
the internet. It is very slow on the internet, irrespective of the
browser I use. I use internet explorer chrome and firefox.
Sometimes when I am browsing, the synthesizer just stops work all
together, and I have to shut down the computer. Sometimes when I am
trying to spell out a word I've just typed on an Email, using the
right arrow key, the screen reader shuts down.
I've done a windows update several times, scanned my computer with
microsoft security essentials, and have also used CCleaner, but I am
still having the same problem.
Please can anyone think of a solution.
I can't use ESpeak because I just don't understand the speech. The
microsoft speech is one I don't like, because it is too low. I like
viavoice outloud, because it sounds almost as good as eloquence.
Unfortunately I don't have money to buy the license for eloquence.
Can anyone suggest a free synthesizer. I tried out the vocalizer, but
it was asking for a license key.
I hope this mail is not too long, and I hope I am well understood.
Hope to read a response.
Thanks and best regards.
From Ibrahim.

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